Welcome to the new home of Villa G Realty

By Villa G Realty, Inc. on 7/28/2020

Stepping out of the Dark Ages and the Ghost of HTML Past, we are pleased to present an entirely new way to communicate with the friendly people that make up Villa G Realty, Angela and David Schrager

If there is one professional attribute that we would love to recognized for, it would be a dedication to providing each and every one of our clients with the latest and best information.  Real estate is a huge investment of time and money, and we want you to feel confident, knowledgeable and informed, each and every step of the way.  This website is another part of that effort.  We hope you will find it engaging, convenient and enlightening.

We are most excited about the interactivity of the new VillaGRealty.com.  We have provided you with new options and new tools that will allow you to take control of your own personal real estate project.  The powerful search features now enable you to perform as much of your own research as you prefer.  Fine tune your selection of available properties using a broad range of criteria – price, location, square footage, amenities – the features that matter most to you – and save your searches – both so you can review them again, and so that you can stay up-to-date with every new possibility that comes to market.


By absolute design, Villa G Realty is not like “The Big Boys”. We're not a “team”, and we don't have “assistants” and “departments” or “managers”.  We are experienced agents and long-time residents of the community, and we are dedicated to the goal of making every client's experience successful and pleasant.


Enjoy our new website – we believe that you will find it engaging and informative.  If we can help you better navigate the site, or if we can provide any services to you at all, please get in touch.


We plan to continue to expand our new home – if there is anything we can do to make it more useful and enlightening, let us know!


Thanks to all of our existing clients, and the clients we have yet to meet.


Angela and David
August 2020
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