Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Marketing to Sell

Let's face it – selling your home is a hassle. That's why more than 87% of US sellers turn to real estate professionals for help. Realtors understand the home sales process and all of the steps, and are uniquely prepared to become your indispensable teammates.


Which factors predict success in getting your home sold quickly, dependably and for the greatest amount of money? Pricing, marketing and legal documentation. Realtors are experienced in preparing your home for sale, qualifying your offers, negotiating your agreements and shepherding the paperwork from initial offer to a successful final closing.


In January of 2020, the National Association of Realtors counted 183,739 members in the State of Florida. With so many to choose from, why rely on Angela and David Schrager?


Experience counts. The average Realtor has approximately six years in the field, and many split their attention between real estate and other interests. Angela and David have more than 30 years of real estate experience between them, and work full-time, in order to provide our partners and clients with our dedicated and undivided attention.


Technology has changed the playing field. Zillow and Trulia (did you know that they are owned by the same company?) have provided easy access to a sea of information, and the average buyer now spends 1-3 weeks researching their purchase options – but in the end almost all of them turn to the professionals for help. Access to this information has made buyers savvier – they know what the houses in your neighborhood have been selling for. We do, too. That's why we can make your home stand out from the market, attract good offers, and get you the best price, in the fastest possible time.


Call us. Let us convince you that we're the friendly, knowledgeable and experienced experts that you want on your team!

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